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The Beluga Group, a shipping company specialised in project and heavy-lift cargo, and navigating on all the seven seas, focuses not only on the map of the world when planning its routes.

From the very beginning, one of the strategic approaches of our shipping company was to create a global network so that we could be anywhere our customers are located. This is why, at a very early stage, we opened branch offices at leading locations world-wide. These branch offices operate according to our direct approach strategy, i.e. directly in and with the market, providing availability to our customers wherever they may be, and prepared to solve any problem.

Over the last twelve years, and starting with our headquarters in Bremen, Germany, we have established branch offices in nine different countries. We can now be found in:

Rotterdam, Netherlands

London, UK 

Houston, USA

So Paulo, Brazil

Beijing, China

Shanghai, China

Mumbai, India

Tokyo, Japan


Johannesburg, South Africa

In the medium term, the Beluga Group will also be present on the fifth continent - plans are in progress to establish a branch office in Australia.

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