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Vessel hulls in several layers:
Record-breaking voyage of MV “Beluga Gravitation”

Twelve yachts, one heavy-lift carrier

It was the first ample voyage of the vessel newbuilding MV “Beluga Gravitation”, which had been completed in mid-2008, but a benchmark setting one:

The experts of the Beluga Transport Engineering loaded all in all three vessel hulls between July 25 and 28, 2008 to the weather deck of the state of the art multipurpose heavy-lift project carrier with a loading capacity of more than 17,000 tons. Two of the steel colossuses measuring 110 and, respectively, 135 metres the cargo engineers placed one over the other. A third 86 metres long hull was placed alongside the other two hulls and stowed between two of the three board cranes. Hence, the cargo projected the vessel on portside about 1.9 metres. Only in this way the transport of the goods weighing between 450 to 940 tons could be handled in a single shipment.

However, the bigger challenge was to affix the cargo to the deck in a way that no dangers for the involved personal or any objects could arise during the 20,000 kilometres voyage from Nantong, China, to Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Many blocks of wood cushioned the cargo. The hulls were welded to the deck of MV “Beluga Gravitation” using special profiles and stopped with additional steel plates. Like that, the Beluga team gained extraordinarily high stability for the long transport. The smallest of the hulls – the one that projected the vessel’s side – was also welded to the deck and afterwards secured by numerous lashings which ran over both of the stacked hulls.

During the voyage of around four weeks Davor Milevoj, the very experienced Master of MV “Beluga Gravitation”, took care of the safe transport of the cargo to the port of destination. An additional radar device at the bow of the vessel provided for the sight over the 14 metres high cargo units. Supported by the in-house meteorologist of Beluga in Bremen, the Master succeeded in avoiding all bad weather areas which could have challenged the freighter and entered the port of Rotterdam on time on September 3, 2008. The subsequent discharge of the three over dimensional hulls was performed without damages and to the utmost satisfaction of the customer as well.

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