Twelve yachts, one heavy-lift carrier:
MV “Beluga Recognition“ transports a dozen ships safely to the Balearics

Twelve yachts, one heavy-lift carrier

No common view from the bridge for Maciej Kraus, Master of MV “Beluga Recognition”:

The multipurpose heavy-lift project carrier transported twelve differently sized yachts between June 6 and 18, 2008 from Tortola, one of the British Virgin Islands, to Palma de Mallorca, the capital of the Balearic Islands. The transport of the valuable cargo called for an especially careful handling to avoid damages to the delicate skin or projecting parts like the masts or the bottom fins.

Creativity was in demand for this order: The twelve yachts were to ship efficiently needing only a single transport voyage. By substantial calculations during the preparation of the project the Beluga Engineering Team found a way to safely place the ships measuring between 32 and twelve metres in length on the 84 metres long and 34 metres wide weather deck.

The cranes of the MV “Beluga Recognition” lifted each of the yachts alongside directly out of the water to their designated positions on board. With a maximum lift weight of only 85 tons, the board cranes did not reach their maximum performance capacity of 500 tons by far this time. The Beluga Team on site adapted the crane gear to the size of each ship. Belts made of extra-resistant materials prevented the skin from scratching or denting. The Yachts had been put into especially formed frameworks and both fixed to deck – once again individually adapted to the measures of each ship. Numerous lashings and welded sea-fastening plates prevented the valuable cargo from shifting on the way of 7000 kilometres over the Atlantic to the port of destination in the Mediterranean Sea.

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