Everything From a Single Source

We Put Together the Best Service Package Possible for Our Customers

Logistics has become a relevant competitive quality factor for industry and trade. The actual transport from A to B only makes up a small part of our activities. In times of globalisation networks, complex service packages are in demand. In the project and heavy-lift cargo segment, requirements are usually even more demanding than in other standardised fields.

Quality and on-schedule performance, precision and reliability, flexibility and expertise  these are the factors behind the market success of such specialised companies as the Beluga Group.

Our business is tramp shipping. Our activities focus on project and heavy-lift cargo. We are both a shipping company and a charterer with our own state-of-the-art fleet. No matter how big or heavy your cargo is or where it has to be shipped, we are your ideal partner. We perform our up-to-date services quickly, on time, safely and reliably. Our customer-oriented approach ensures maximum professionalism. You can depend on that.

Liebherr cranes on MV "Beluga Resolution"
Project cargo on MV "Beluga Resolution"