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Maritime topics in the classroom

School cooperation fosters practical approach and interest in nautical professions

Arousing interest in maritime occupations right from school age and giving pupils the opportunity to get a whiff of real “work air”: that is the goal of Beluga Shipping GmbH’s school cooperation.

In view of profound structural changes in work and jobs in an increasingly global world, school and industry have a common concern: making it easier for young people to start a career and developing their skills so they can successfully take part in working life.Both sides profit from school cooperation. Schools are supported in their educational work through a strong focus on reality and young people are actively supported in their occupational orientation. At the same time the prospects of finding urgently sought qualified junior staff are improved for the maritime sector.

Only recently Beluga Shipping GmbH signed a cooperation agreement with the Alexander-von-Humboldt grammar school in Bremen-Huchting. The agreement involves a “Logistics and Transportation” module for the middle grammar school level among the compulsory electives for school years 8 and 9. Besides maritime and nautical subject matter, the curriculum also includes practical units. In addition, so-called profile modules for advanced-level geography, combined with political science and mathematics, are planned for the upper school level.

A cooperation agreement exists with the Lower Saxony Boarding School in Esens (NIGE), too. NIGE pupils regularly complete company traineeships at Beluga Shipping GmbH. They obtain extensive insights into the various activities of the project and heavy-lift cargo shipping company and are also informed about the different training opportunities within the company. According to the school headmaster, the traineeships are much sought-after by pupils – not least of all because a visit “on board” is possible, such as when a Beluga carrier happens to be docked in Neustädter Hafen.

Further information:

Gymnasium Alexander-von-Humboldt
Ansprechpartner: Wolfgang Kuhlmann, Schulleiter
Delfter Straße 16
D - 28259 Bremen


+49 (0) 421 - 361 - 16470


Niedersächsisches Internatsgymnasium Esens
Ansprechpartnerin: Petra Palenzatis, Schulleiterin
Auricher Str. 58
26427 Esens


+49 (0) 421 - 913-0



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Visit on board
Visit on board