World’s largest oil and gas contractor Saipem assigns Beluga
with transport of 238 tons module to offshore destination in West Africa

MV “Beluga Resolution”

From September 28th to October 11th 2008, MV “Beluga Resolution” transported an urgently needed offshore module for the OLOWI Marin block in the Gulf of Guinea in West Africa.

The loading onto the multipurpose heavy-lift project carrier took place in the port of Arbatax, a town on the Italian island Sardinia where the extremely sophisticated and valuable module had been manufactured by Intermare Sarda. The high value and uniqueness of the cargo determined several additional safety criteria: To grant sufficient stability for the transport at sea, a specially designed 47 tons frame had been constructed and fixed to the weather deck. Then, one of the cranes of the multipurpose heavy-lift carrier placed the 238 tons module exactly over it. Many protruding parts located at the bottom made this task quite a challenge. In addition, the cargo had to surmount the size of the 6.4 metres high grillage which limited the free moving space of the board crane during the whole lifting operation.

The grillage had been welded to the deck and fixed with wing plates. Additional lashings were installed to prevent the cargo from moving upwards off the grillage. The module itself contained hazardous substances – another reason to prepare and carry out the entire shipment with great care and precision.

The module was just completed before sailing. A team of engineers from the manufacturer gave it the final touch on board during the welding and seafastening on board prior to the two weeks passage from Italy to the offshore location close to Point Noire, Congo. At the destination point in West Africa, the module measuring 20.65 metres in length, 13.65 metres in width and 12 metres in height was discharged offshore to the installation barge CASTORO II before its final installation at the field.

With an accurate and elaborated planning by the Beluga Transport Engineering team and some rare sort of sensitivity by the experienced crew of MV “Beluga Resolution” while lifting the valuable module, the project could be concluded to the great satisfaction of all involved parties.

Saipem is the largest contractor in the oil and gas installation industry worldwide and employs more than 30,000 people. The company provides engineering, procurement, construction and installation services on- and offshore. By acquiring and successfully accomplishing this contract Beluga Shipping has set a landmark and strengthened her position as reliable partner for the oil and gas industry.

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