Crew of MV “Beluga Emotion”
brings gantry cranes safely to Naples

Crew of MV “Beluga Emotion” brings gantry cranes safely to Naples

Neither storm with wind force seven nor waves metres high were able to detach the freight from its anchoring.

The seven gantry cranes, so-called rubber-tyred gantry cranes (RTGs), safely reached the port of Naples in spite of a starboard projection of twelve metres. The Beluga Group experts had made the valuable cargo seaworthy in the port of departure, Zhangzhou in China, prior to the four-week voyage.

About 100 lashings and just as many steel plates secured every single one of the 30-metre-long, 13-metre-wide and 26-metre-high RTGs on the 90-metre-long loading area on deck. The loading alone and in particular the subsequent fixing of the gantry cranes took several days. Beluga’s supercargoes ensured that the shipping plan calculated and simulated on the computer by Transport Engineering was complied with point by point. With a weight of 200 tons per unit this was of great importance for the safety of the crew, cargo and vessel.

The RTGs clearly towered over the bridge of the multipurpose heavy-lift project carrier MV “Beluga Emotion”, which was delivered in 2004. To compensate for the restriction of visibility, additional experts came on board to supervise both starboard and port side separately on behalf of the Italian company Reggiane Cranes and Plants. Moreover, Captain Gerhard Schulz relied on a supplementary radar unit on the bow of the vessel. By virtue of the space-saving method of loading, no sacrifices had to be made with respect to safety. Even the most adverse weather conditions, which may repeatedly occur at sea, did not pose an obstacle for the trained crew of the highly modern fleet.

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