Wood Pulp Mill Plant components to South America

Wood Pulp Mill Plant components to South America

Between November 2004 and June 2005 Beluga Group transported components for a Wood Pulp Mill Plant to the Ñuble Province in Southern Chile.

The cargo was loaded from five different locations in Europe and America: Kotka and Mäntyluoto in Finland, the Estonian capital Tallin, Hamburg in Germany and the port of Baltimore in the United States.

All in all six shipments were necessary to transport the modules. Four modern multipurpose heavy-lift project carriers of the E-Series with a loading capacity of 12.000 tdw each carried out the order. These vessels, all of them built in 2004 and 2005, were especially appropriate for this project due to their high ice class, the adjustable tweendecks and the combined lifting capacity of the board cranes of 240 tons.

The cargo pieces were up to 40 metres long, six metres tall and weighed up to 150 tons. Partly, they were loaded under very heavy weather conditions during winter time in Finland and Estonia. No worries though: An experienced Beluga Cargo Superintendent attended all operations in the harbours.

The vessels’ cranes carried out the loading and discharging procedures cost-efficiently at the ports of departure as well as at the port of destination Talcahuano in Chile. There, the MV “Beluga Emotion” and her sister ships got partly via Panama Canal and partly via Strait of Magellan.

Bobby Vaklev, responsible operator for the project at Beluga Chartering, underscores: “The client Celulosa Arauco y Constitución was very satisfied with our performance and professional service and we at Beluga, too, consider to have done a good job.”

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