“Giants” on deck of MV “Beluga Resolution”:
Liebherr harbour cranes shipped from Rostock to Syria

“Giants” on deck of MV “Beluga Resolution”: Liebherr harbour cranes shipped from Rostock to Syria

Beluga set a new record in loading two Liebherr harbour cranes in the port of Rostock. The crew and supercargos managed to lift the two “giants” on board within only four hours.

The subsequent securing and fixing of the oversize cargo to the deck was more time-consuming. It took the transport engineers 20 hours altogether to set the 150 lashings per crane. In view of the weight of 258 tons and height of 39 metres involved, the lashing work was absolutely necessary to make sure neither gusts nor high waves could move the valuable cargo even a single millimetre.

The voyage from Rostock to the Syrian coast took 20 days. That included a detour via Denmark and Skagerrak because the MV “Beluga Resolution” with its greatly projecting cargo could not sail through the Kiel Canal. The maximum permissible height in this body of water is 40 metres above the surface of the water – enough for cruise vessels like the MV “Norwegian Dream”, but too little for the multipurpose heavy-lift project carrier built in 2005 and the two Liebherr cranes stretching up towards the sky.

After sailing across the North Sea and the Bay of Biscay the route taken by Captain Christoph Buck and his crew led across the Mediterranean Sea, past Cyprus, to the Levantine coast. Finally, in Tartous, Syria’s only port, the cargo was discharged, again using the shipboard crane gear of the MV “Beluga Resolution”.  An easy job for the powerful NMF units with their combined maximum load capacity of 500 tons, double that necessary for this order.

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