MV “Beluga Endeavour”: Six completely mounted RTGs from Poland to Turkey

Secure, fast and breasting the waves, Beluga Shipping in spring 2006 shipped six Rubber Tyred Gantry Cranes (RTGs) manufactured by Kalmar Industries from Poland to Turkey with two departures.

In succession three units of this Cranes simultaneously did fit onto the 150 yards long multipurpose heavy-lift project carrier MV “Beluga Endeavour” (Shots taken on 29th of March, 2006). Each of the 115 feet high and 150 tons heavy RTGs was loaded to the vessel completely mounted as one single unit by the on-board NMF cargo cranes that in tandem usage can lift weights of up to 240 tons. Under supervision of Beluga supercargoes and in accordance to previous transport calculations fans were welded off and lashing eyes welded on to the deck while pontoons were inserted to strengthen the floor. The technically sophisticated anti-heeling-system kept the vessel in balance. 200 lashings made the valuable cargo seaworthy. 

Starting from Gdynia at the coast of Pomerania, the 13,000 tdw multipurpose heavy lift project carrier crossed Gdansk Bight, the Kiel Channel, the English Channel and the Mediterranean Sea, until the port of destination Mardas in Istanbul was entered eleven days after start of loading and eight days after cast off in Poland. Following the discharging of the cargo, which was coordinated by Beluga-Supercargoes, the Kalmar RTGs were immediately ready for operation in the Turkish capital. The Gantry Cranes were needed for the extension of the harbour terminal. Kalmar, the client, was well satisfied with the reliable performance of the Bremen-bound project and heavy lift shipping company – and the Beluga-team tackled the next transportation challenge.

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