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Vessel delivers Ferry

Vessel delivers Ferry

Beluga safely and successfully ships large catamaran from Cameroon to Spain.

Planning, calculating and preparing for every nut, bolt and screw beforehand is a standard for the freight experts of Beluga Chartering GmbH; yet this time when they had to ship a nearly 200 tons heavy, 46 meters long and twelve meters wide high speed catamaran from Cameroon to Spain, they were put to a tough test. Not the temperatures with 50 degrees Celsius in the sun, nor the intention to lift the catamaran alongside off the Atlantic Ocean on board MV “Beluga Indication” necessitated a change of plan, but the strong swell in the region off shore Douala (Cameroon). On location, the Beluga cargo superintendents and the experienced crew of the own transport engineering team designed a modified line of approach, since they are familiar with an unwritten law in the fieldwork of project- and heavy lift shipping: Always expect the unexpected.

To shun the dangerous waves, the loading process was relocated at about 40 kilometres off the coast of Cameroon to Malabo (Equatorial Guinea) in accordance with the client. Here, more sufficient weather conditions were found which foremost supported the safety of cargo and crew. A raised voyage position of the catamaran was developed to not damage the 70 centimetres long stabilizer fin. Special shackles were affixed to the tweendeck panels and wooden supports built so that the catamaran was virtually docked into a stiff position. For the onboard crane gear of MV “Beluga Indication” with combined capacities of 700 tons the lifting work was not heavy yet difficult to carry out. Including accurate prearrangements the well coordinated team of experts accomplished the loading process within three and a half days.

By means of an extra installed H-beam, amongst other components, the valuable cargo was secured on deck. The engineers determined five lashing points on both sides, at it 15 lashings each and numerous belts that clamped the catamaran. Project partner Simo Patrice (Chantler Naval et Industrial du Cameroun) perfectly conducted the welding job. At the end of a 36 hours lasting lashing process the tweendeck was also lashed to the deck, the steel plates welded to the tweendeck and the stoppers welded to the steel plates. The different lengths, angles and positions of the stoppers had been precisely generated in the first place, remaining no weak points. The bond was one block with the catamaran – safe and seaworthy.

After the sea transport to Huelva (Spain) the catamaran was discharged without a scratch on the Rio Odiel. International Fast Ferries Co. were highly satisfied with the entire performance of Beluga Chartering throughout this project.

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