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Hyundai: Transport under difficult conditions

Hyundai: Transport under difficult conditions

Hyundai Heavy Industries had to ship two genuine “heavyweights”, industrial units each having a length of 53.38 metre and a weight of 268 tons. The port of loading had a depth of only 5.70 meters.

Under these conditions there were only four shipping companies worldwide able to transport the cargo in the first place. Hyundai Heavy Industries decided in favour of Beluga. The high-performance multipurpose heavy-lift project carrier MV “Beluga Constellation” was near the port of loading at the time in question and, moreover, it met the requirements in terms of stability in proportion to size. This was a decisive criterion since the two demethanizer units for the petrochemical industry had a disadvantageous load distribution. The centre of gravity was not located centrally and thus influenced the stability of the ship. You need a very experienced supercargo and an excellent crew to transport this cargo safely. Thus it paid off that not only the technical staff on shore, but also the crew on board the MV ”Beluga Constellation” had already had many years of experience with heavy-lift cargo.

In Ortona, the Italian port of loading, the cargo was loaded onto the deck and then shipped to Shuaiba in Kuwait. It was the first time that the Beluga Group experts had worked for Hyundai Heavy Industries. Now Hyundai Heavy Industries as well as other companies in the Hyundai Group, for which Beluga has performed services for a long time, have already announced follow-up orders.

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