Gottwald: Complete harbour cranes transported to Africa

These two Gottwald cranes, type GHMK 6407, represented a very special cargo for the crew of the MV “Beluga Recognition”.

Weighing 365 tons and measuring 38.5 metres in height each, they had the dimensions of a twelve-storey building. Loaded in Rotterdam in November, the two harbour cranes, among the most modern of their kind, set off on the roughly two-week voyage to Angola’s capital, Luanda. Additional cargo, such as a port tugboat which was ready for operation and which the crew had already taken on board in Bremen, was stowed below deck.

The Beluga Group performed the complete planning and implementation of the shipment of the two cranes ready for operation – from lifting the two giants and ensuring seaworthy anchoring with 130 lashings in each case all the way to discharge in the port of destination. The engineers, charterers and not least of all the crew involved in all stages of the project ensured that the operation was carried out smoothly. In Luanda the shipboard cranes of the MV “Beluga Recognition” were once again able to demonstrate their class: they even hung the counterweights, which had to be stored below deck for safety reasons, back on the Gottwald cranes at the end of the voyage.

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