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Royal Treatment of the “Queen”: MV “Beluga Fantastic”
transports three yachts from Italy to Sweden

MV “Beluga Fantastic” transports three yachts from Italy to Sweden

Substantial 150 tons weighs the “Queen of Sheeba”, a 35 metres long, 7 metres wide and 10 metres high yacht, which was cruising on the Mediterranean for several years.

The Baltic Sea was now chosen as her new area of operation. Only an experienced heavy-lift specialist like Beluga Shipping came into consideration for the transfer. On March 3, 2009 the cranes of the MV “Beluga Fantastic” loaded the luxurious ship directly out of the water. Therefore, two scuba divers positioned the lifting slings at the under water hull. Careful cushioning arranged for the avoidance of dints or scratches during the lift. Subsequently, the team of Beluga managed the professional seafastening of the cargo on deck and thus sheltered it from the influence of the wind and the waves during the voyage.

In the port of loading Genoa the multipurpose heavy-lift project carrier additionally lifted two smaller yachts onto the weather deck weighing 55 tons and measuring 15 metres respectively 30 tons and 18 metres. On and below the deck various parts of a concrete producing installation were already placed.

Several bad weather areas demanded course corrections during the two weeks journey through the Mediterranean, the Atlantic Ocean, the North and Baltic Sea. On March 16 and 17, 2009 MV “Beluga Fantastic” discharged the three motor yachts in Ystad on the southern coast of Sweden again directly into the water. The “Queen of Sheeba” may now delight her followers north of the Alps as well.

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