Dump trucks on MV "Beluga Federation"

Dump trucks on MV "Beluga Federation"

Recently Beluga Chartering GmbH had to tackle a big challenge involving a great engineering effort.

Nine extremely heavy trucks having an individual weight of 110 tons were shipped from Indonesia to South Africa on the multipurpose heavy-lift project carrier MV “Beluga Federation”. Three days were necessary solely for preparing the ship’s deck and loading the dump trucks.

The Beluga Engineering und Operations teams purchased flat racks specifically for this purpose. They placed these open container platforms under the trucks to ensure optimal weight distribution over the entire deck. The nine heavy dump trucks were then lifted on board from barges using the shipboard crane gear at the berth of the MV “Beluga Federation” in Balikpapan, Indonesia. To be on the safe side, the two 120 ton cranes were used in tandem operation to place the cargo in its travel position on board by means of a twin hook lift. In order to take appropriate account of the sensitive cargo and the existing weather conditions, the carrier took a safe route from Indonesia to South Africa’s largest port, Richards Bay, lasting 16.2 days. The cargo was discharged and set down on the pier safe and sound and ready for operation within one day.

Jan Erik Schulte, the responsible operator at Beluga, emphasised in particular the well coordinated teamwork between the planners in the office and the crew on board the carrier that played a key role in the success of this difficult shipment of extraordinary cargo.

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