Frauenhaus Oldenburg

Oldenburg Autonomous Women's Shelter

Women help women: "Life Spaces - Life Dreams"

Women and children in need require support. However, out of fear or shame, many victims try to hide their problems as long as possible. If an emergency situation then occurs, immediate help is often vital. At women's shelters, victims of physical, emotional or sexual violence can find refuge and, most importantly, long-term support and counseling.

Therefore, the Beluga Shipping GmbH supports the new construction at the Oldenburg women's shelter. This allows increasing the offered places from 12 to 24. The expansion not only creates life spaces, but also paves the way for the realization of life dreams.

The work of the women's shelter is characterized by the following aspects: 

•   Protection, counseling and support for women affected by violence and
    their children
•   Outreach work regarding the topic of "Violence against women"

The Oldenburg Autonomous Women's Shelter ensures non-bureaucratic help since 1977. Qualified educationalists, social workers and educators offer professional care. The employees of the Oldenburg Women's Shelter assist the victims with administrative issues and arrange contact with other support facilities. All consultations are free of charge and anonymous.

The work is financed through subsidies from the city of Oldenburg, the federal state of Lower Saxony as well as donations.

Further information:

Autonomes Frauenhaus Oldenburg e.V
(Oldenburg Autonomous Women's Shelter)
Postfach 1825
26008 Oldenburg


+49 (0) 441 - 47981


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Frauenhaus Oldenburg
Frauenhaus Oldenburg