Wind energy converters from Emden to Toronto

– taken to their destination at great engineering effort

Wind energy converters from Emden to Toronto

The total gross weight of the cargo transported across the Atlantic was about 2.4 million kilograms, making several shipments necessary.

Altogether this meant six times Emden-Toronto for the MV “Beluga Efficiency” and its E / F series sister vessels in spring and summer 2007. The cargo loaded included Enercon E-82 wind energy converters, i.e. fully equipped wind turbines with hubs, rotor blades, steel towers and the many related heavy “small modules”. The total cargo encompassed 148 parts that are needed for a wind farm in Canada.

In Emden the Beluga team with its heavy-lift cargo experience made use of the local infrastructure along with suitable harbour cranes to carry out loading. In Toronto the valuable cargo was safely set down on the pier independently, using the shipboard cranes designed for a lifting capacity of 240 tons in tandem operation. Beluga cargo superintendents were on the spot both in the port of loading and in the port of discharge. The eagle-eyed experts coordinated and monitored correct performance of the individual work processes.

The wind turbines and components were secured for sea transport using stoppers, clamps, lashings, chains and nylon straps. The passage across the Atlantic and finally through the St. Lawrence seaway took around ten days each voyage. Beluga Shipping described the entire procedure for the departures as “very good” and as meeting the Enercon requirements in full. This view was confirmed by the client: “We were very satisfied with the precise planning and speedy performance,” Johann Steffens, the Transport / Logistics Project Manager at Enercon, praises the Beluga transport experts.

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