Diakonie Leisure Centre Spiekeroog

Welfare and economy have created an extraordinary and just because of that sustainable project on the Northern Sea island of Spiekeroog which is unique in this shape: The Diakonie Leisure Centre Spiekeroog. Being founded as non-profit limited liability company in February 2008 by the Diakonie Ruhr-Hellweg and Niels Stolberg, the Diakonie Leisure Centre now celebrated its opening on Saturday, 13th of September 2008.

In prior to the dedication substantial restructuring and renovation had been done on the houses, which form the heart of the Diakonie Leisure Centre Spiekeroog: The “Haus am Meer” and the “Haus Sturmeck”, just 300 metres separated and located in the western side of the island. These two leisure residences are handicapped accessible, together provide for nearly 150 beds and are particularly arranged to host youth camps, seminars and training courses. In this idyllic atmosphere one can find an interval of the daily grind, that especially those socially underprivileged young people require who are to be approached by this outstanding cooperation between a church and a shipping company.

In the middle of the dunes, directly at the sea, the innovative engagement of Beluga Shipping GmbH and President and CEO Niels Stolberg in person combined with the Diakonie Ruhr-Hellweg brought up a special area where those in need do meet others. This enables children and teenagers of low-income families to experience a carefree time.

If you require more information about the Diakonie Leisure Centre Spiekeroog, please get in touch with:

Diakonie Freizeitzentrum Spiekeroog gGmbH
Haus am Meer
Westend 12
26474 Spiekeroog
Hausleitung: Petra und Manfred Berg


+49 (0) 4976 258


+49 (0) 4976 9129 27


info@No Spamdiakonie-freizeitzentrum-spiekeroog.de




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