Two 60 metres components for petrochemical
industry on board the MV “Beluga Intonation“

Two 60 metres components for petrochemical industry on board the MV “Beluga Intonation“

Beluga multipurpose heavy-lift project carrier transports demethanizer and C3-splitter to Abu Dhabi.

From May 13th to 16th, 2008 the MV “Beluga Intonation” loaded two over dimensional components for the petrochemical industry in the Italian harbour Porto Nogaro. Responsible for the loading and the subsequent sea fastening of the two tubular elements was Captain Johan M. Buysse and his crew as well as Beluga Cargo Superintendent Johan van der Velde. Thanks to the wide range of project planning beforehand by the Beluga Transport Engineering the operations could be successfully concluded.

The first cargo unit, a so called demethanizer, is weighing 263 tons and measuring more than 66 metres in length with a diameter of almost six metres. The other unit, a C3-splitter, was loaded in two sections. The vessel’s cranes lowered the top part, being 27 metres long with a weight of 150 tons, to the tank top. The bottom part, measuring 63 metres and weighing 340 tons - hence, being more than twice as long and heavy - was loaded on the weather deck.

The cranes of the only a few months ago lengthened and strengthened MV “Beluga Intonation” have proven their capabilities in Porto Nogaro. They are located on the portside of the vessel, however, due to the conditions on site the cargo had to be loaded over the starboard side. Consequently, the necessary outreach of the cranes needed to be greater. At this point the limit of the system was not reached yet, as the cranes have a combined lifting capacity of 700 tons.

After having successfully loaded the three units, the Beluga team started to seafasten the over dimensional cargo: All in all 60 lashings, among them steel cables, chains, shackles and turnbuckles, as well as 48 steel plates keep the demethanizer in the desired position during the voyage, well prepared for bad weather. Lined up in a row, the used steel plates would measure a line of 14.4 metres. The 63 metres bottom part of the C3-splitter is fixed with 120 lashings and 48 steel plates, the smaller top part in the lower hold respectively with 24 lashings and eight plates.

The conditions on site during the shipment are an example for the flexibility of Beluga ashore and on every of the 56 multipurpose heavy-lift project carriers belonging to the Beluga fleet. The harbour of Porto Nogaro, situated close to Trieste on the most Northern point of the Adriatic Sea, is actually not constructed for ships of that size. To enter it and to pass several power supply lines safely, a part of the mast on the top of the vessel´s superstructure had to be dismounted.

Two weeks after the loading the MV "Beluga Intonation" safely reached the port of destination Abu Dhabi in the U.A.E.

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