Deugro Denmark A/S

With the “Stacking System” safely and swiftly reaching the destination

Twelve yachts, one heavy-lift carrier

Beluga delivers 86 windmills in eleven departures to America.

Habitually trustworthy and even faster than initially requested Beluga Shipping transported 86 wind energy plants with a power output of 2.3 megawatt each across the Atlantic Ocean safely. In together eleven departures the turbines and tower sections as produced by Siemens Windpower were shipped from the Danish city of Esbjerg via Montreal (Canada) into the US-American port of Ogdensburg, New York. The voyage time for each passage required roughly a fortnight. The expectations of the client Deugro from Denmark could be more than met by means of the professional processing of the project.

At the beginning of this year the conditions of conveyance as formerly set up had been overhauled and cut down in total time on the part of the client. Yet to the flexible and dedicated transportation specialists of Beluga Shipping GmbH this new situation did not mark an insuperable obstacle: The now more tense scope was complied with and in the end the last windmill could be discharged in Ogdensburg six weeks earlier than originally scheduled.

For the transports on, for instance, MV “Beluga Fighter” (see pictures from the region St. Lawrence River), a multipurpose heavy-lift project carrier built in 2007, equipped with modern 2x150 tons, combinable 300 tons, crane capacities and adjustable tween decks, it could again be banked on the innovative “Beluga Stacking System” which had been successfully field-tested in the transport of windmills in previous projects. This time the framework-like assembly was combined with the tween deck and enabled the engineers to realise the transport of the wind energy plants in two layers once upon the other.

The “Beluga Stacking System”, conceived and developed by the in-house experts, increases the load capacity of the vessel and thus reduces the number of necessary shipments as well as consequently the environmental impact, the bunker consumption and from the client’s point of view the project costs.

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