Beluga School for Life

Since February 2005 the Beluga School for Life has been helping tsunami orphans in southern Thailand begin a new life with new prospects. Not far away from Khao Lak around 200 children and young people will find more than just a new home. Through this aid project, which was designed according to the educational concept of Professor Dr. Jürgen Zimmer from the Free University of Berlin and is classified by UNESCO as “particularly valuable”, the children live in new family groups, go to school, learn how to bear responsibility and think on an entrepreneurial basis and are thus given the opportunity of breaking the cycle of poverty.

The guaranteed financing of the Beluga School for Life by Beluga Shipping GmbH provides for assistance for at least the next 10 years. The official opening of the village with school and residential buildings took place in Na Nai, Thailand on 28 October 2006. In the near future it will be possible to visit and discover the Beluga School for Life within the framework of culturally sensitive tourism.

You will find further information on the Beluga School for Life on the Internet at: www.beluga-schoolforlife.com.