Canto Elementar

"Canto Elementar" is a programme aimed at fostering intergenerational singing of songs as part of early musical education for children. Specially trained senior citizens become volunteer singing patrons for kindergarten children. In Bremen the project is implemented by the German Yehudi Menuhin Foundation in cooperation with the start Youth Art Foundation Bremen.

The senior citizens from the grandparent generation, who in most cases visit the kindergartens involved once a week, encourage both kindergarten teachers and children to sing together regularly. In this way forgotten songs are rediscovered and preserved for the future. The children receive early musical education at the age of three to six, which is of outstanding importance for individual expressiveness, learning abilities and social competence.

The project started in the Hanseatic City with around 200 children at three Bremen kindergartens in the districts of Grohn, Marßel and Schwachhausen. Now it is being significantly expanded. Beluga Shipping GmbH assumes the patronage for an additional Bremen kindergarten and through this commitment makes it possible for the singing patrons to receive professional training and also introduce many children to music and singing together through “Canto Elementar” (Bildmaterial: Senatspressestelle/ Der Senator für Kultur der Freien Hansestadt Bremen).

If you would like to find out more about “Canto Elementar” and/or the commitment of Beluga Shipping GmbH, please refer to:

start Jugend Kunst Stiftung Bremen
Dagmar von Blacha
c/o Senator für Kultur
Altenwall 15/16
28195 Bremen


+ 49 (0) 421  - 361 29 19


+ 49 (0) 174 - 191 28 71


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Canto Elementar
Canto Elementar
Canto Elementar