The Beluga School for Life in Thailand is a direct aid project of Beluga Shipping GmbH. The institution was set up in 2006, less than two years after the destructive tsunami at the end of 2004. Up to 240 orphans and surviving dependants can live and learn together here. The Bremen project and heavy-lift cargo shipping company furnishes the start-up capital and covers the operating costs for ten years.

There are pictures one cannot forget. What we saw of the devastating tsunami here, the destructive tidal waves that carried over 200,000 people to their death in Asia and made 1.5 million people homeless at Christmas 2004, led to great sympathy. Niels Stolberg, CEO of Beluga Shipping GmbH, laid the foundation for the Beluga School for Life at the beginning of 2005 with an invested start-up capital of 1.5 million euros to give back the people affected a little of what the sea took away from them: hope, prospects, educational and training opportunities as well as a village where they can live together.

The Beluga School for Life in Na Nai in Thailand’s Khao Lak region was opened on 28 October 2006. It was built on an area formerly used as a coconut plantation and is conceptually based on the “situation approach” that has received recognition from UNESCO. The project and heavy-lift cargo shipping company Beluga Shipping GmbH and its founder, Niels Stolberg, have given their firm assurance to cover the operating costs for the first ten years. The objective is to establish the direct aid project on a sustainable basis in the country.

The Beluga School for Life is aimed at offering orphans and motherless/fatherless children as well as their relatives and other grownups who survived the tsunami disaster a new future. The grownups find new opportunities for earning income at the various project facilities. The young people are prepared for a self-determined life, perhaps even as an independent entrepreneur, at the “school for life”. The Beluga School for Life in Na Nai, the “village in a rice field”, sees itself as an educational institution with extremely reality-oriented focal points in the fields of ecological agriculture, culturally sensitive tourism, nutrition and health, body and soul, culture and development as well as international communication.

If you would like to support the relief project and make a donation or sponsor a child living at the Beluga School for Life, if you wish to spend your holiday in Na Nai in a culturally sensitive manner or would generally like to become more intensively involved in the Beluga School for Life, please contact:

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