Innovative frame structure:
Acciona wind turbines were stowed double-decker style

Innovative frame structure

Creative solutions were required for this order placed by Spanish energy corporation Acciona Windpower. A total of 120 turbines, so-called nacelles, as well as 360 tower sections were shipped across the Atlantic on nine vessels of the Beluga fleet, including MV "Beluga Formation" which features on the adjacent photo. These sections were up to 29 metres long and weighed more than 50 tons.

Beluga Group convinced the client with an innovative idea, which also caused a sensation in the heavy-lift cargo sector. To create additional space, the engineers designed a frame which, when mounted on the deck, made it possible to transport a second layer of tower sections. The supercargoes needed a whole day to fix the 26 frame parts. After all, like the cargo they had to be anchored securely to the deck according to Beluga’s high standards. At the same time, however, this increased the load capacity of the vessels so that fewer shipments altogether were necessary and the total costs of the order were reduced. Instead of eleven or twelve shipments, now only nine were required for shipment from the two Spanish ports Bilbao and El Ferrol to Duluth on Lake Superior in North America. Thus the system has already gone through its baptism of fire and demonstrated its effectiveness in practice.

Another advantage in terms of environmental protection and efficiency: the frame can be simply dismantled and used again on the next occasion. In future the stable framework may even become part of the standard equipment of the Beluga fleet. After all, the dimensions – the floor space corresponds exactly to a 20-foot container – and the equipment with twistlocks provide for extremely easy handling and stackability. 

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